When it comes to Agile software development, Scrum methodology comes to mind first. In this article, I will talk about the Sprint Demo, which is a structure in Scrum that is skipped by many teams. The Scrum methodology provides many benefits for software teams.

Scrum increases the speed of development of teams and helps to respond to customer requests more quickly and reliably. While providing these, it expects you to follow some steps. In this article, backlog, product owner etc. I will not talk about the concepts one by one, I will talk about what Sprint and Sprint Demo are as per the subject of the article.

What is Sprint?

First of all, Sprint is the name given to the structure in which the workpieces in Scrum are divided into certain periods and followed. The backlogs (workpieces) prepared while the product is being developed are assigned to the people involved in the business to be completed within a period of 1-4 weeks, and it is aimed to be presented to the Product Owner (PO) at the end of this period. Each 1-4 week period is called a Sprint.

The concept of the sprint is divided into sub-items and proceeds as follows.

  • Sprint Planning
    • These are the meetings where the pre-prepared backlogs are assigned to the people who will do the work. At these meetings, the goals to be reached at the end of the sprint, also called Sprint Goal, are determined.
  • Sprint Review
    • Evaluation meetings are held at the end of the sprint. What has been done in the completed sprint is evaluated, actions are defined to prevent possible errors in the release version of the product.
    • Sprint Demo: The concept of Sprint Demo, which is also the subject of our article, is also considered as a sub-title of Sprint Review.
  • Sprint Retrospective
    • It is the meeting held to address constructive criticism after the completed sprint.
    • Among the questions to be asked are questions such as “What did we do well, what can we do better, what should we start/finish doing” and as a result of the answers to these questions, it is planned to start taking the necessary actions for the team to work better.

What is Sprint Demo?

Sprint Demo is actually an important concept for everyone in the team that developed the product to be aware of the developments made. After the end of the planned sprint, the demo that will take place in the Sprint Review meeting allows the developer team or product owner to see what stage the product is at. After the demo, which is evaluated with pros and cons, it may be considered to add new backlogs for the next sprints.

What Should the Sprint Demo Format Be Like?

The entire Scrum team is expected to participate in the Sprint Demo, including the product owner and scrum master. In some cases, only the teams can demo among themselves, but in order to see the general flow more clearly, review meetings involving all teams are considered more suitable for demo. In this way, the point of the product can be seen more clearly by the management staff.

The people to be determined for the demo presentation are left entirely to the team. In some cases, a representative is chosen and she/he is asked to lead the demo, while in some cases, structures where each piece of work describes her/his own work block may be preferred.

It is recommended that the Sprint Demo not be too long. Instead of long slides, shorter and only presentations or work-related printouts will produce much more effective results. At the same time, it is recommended to share only the stories determined as “Done” in the demo.

The Scrum methodology is one of the most effective ways to support the Agile Manifest. When we look at the world in general, it is clearly seen that the development of the teams that apply Sprint, which is one of the Scrum structures, has increased tremendously.


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